The PEMI – Advanced course is aimed at beginners and seasoned professionals alike that have already completed a Foundation course and are looking to expand their knowledge into avant garde, fashion and editorial makeup. The course is designed to take you on a makeup journey through the ages, to inspire and challenge your creativity, application skill and technique.

The ever-changing trends in art, fashion and styling, are created by talented individuals that continue to push the boundaries of self-expression. Find your voice, develop your own identity and become a well-rounded artist that can rise to the top of any concept or challenge.

At the end of the course, the students will design a makeup concept for an editorial beauty photoshoot, where they will have the opportunity to work with a professional model, hairstylist and photographer and will receive two final retouched images of their work, to start their portfolio.

Please note that the PEMI – Advanced course will not be going over the basics—students will be expected to have already covered the fundamental knowledge of makeup application and entry to the course will only be given to those that hold a relevant Foundation certificate.

Course Syllabus

 •  History of Makeup Across the Decades
 •  Vintage Fashion, Hair-styling & Makeup Trends
 •  The Beginning of the Cosmetics Industry
 •  The ‘Flapper Icons of the Roaring Twenties
 •  Old Hollywood Glamour
 •  Classic Natural Beauty & Pin-up
 •  The Rise of Makeup Brands
 •  The Mod Fashion Look & Hippie Counterculture
 •  Disco & Avant-Garde Punk-Glam
 •  Colour, Androgyny & the New Romance
 •  Effortless Grunge & Pop Music Culture
 •  The 2000’s – The Impact of Social Media
 •  Fashion & Catwalk Makeup
 •  Current Fashion Makeup Trends
 •  Pushing the Boundaries
 •  Stencils, Liquid Metals, Pigment, Glitter & Applique
 •  Branding & Marketing – Artist Identity & Message
 •  Professional Webpage, Social Media & Portfolio
 •  The Industry – Editorial, Print, TV & Media vs. Private Clients
 •  Moodboards & Themed Projects
 •  Makeup Face Charts
 •  Working Within a Team of Professionals
 •  Assisting & Being Part of a Makeup Design Team
 •  Final Student Project Photoshoot


A certificate will be given out upon successful completion of the Pro Essentials Makeup Intensive – Advanced Course. The certificate will be signed by our educator, Crystal Michael and will be available in print, as well as produced in PDF format.


Course Duration

9 WEEKS / 72 hours


Course Dates

Saturday & Sunday class, 09:00 – 13:00

Wednesday & Thursday class, 15:30 – 19:30



Course fee: €1850*
*Price includes a final project photoshoot with professional models, photographers and hairstylists, from which students will receive 2 retouched images of their makeup to help them start their portfolio.

Deposit: €350. Course fee must be paid in full before the start of the course.

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